Bricsys conference 2019

The developments that were presented at the Bricsys conference 2019 were so many and large that I am not going to present it in a short blog. Those who want a quick overview of what was new on day one and two should visit Rose Barfield’s blog:

We would nevertheless like to mention a few points to sketch an impression.

BricsCAD has undoubtedly become a class of its own. Characterized by innovative, but that is cutting corners. While competitors stay on their island, Bricsys uses and integrates existing techniques (not “not invented here”). An excellent cocktail with Grasshopper programming in it and full integration of Enscape visualization. Enscape can be used for forensic science – to name just one example.

All those innovations will at times lead to some growing pains, but we’ve seen them all disappearing quickly so far. Bricsys is open and flat. This also made it possible to conduct in-depth conversations in Stockholm ranging from natural ponds with architect Tal Friedman (triangulated!) to volumetric plastic deformations of sheet material (think of rolling) with mathematicians from Bricsys Tech Russia.

All in all, Stockholm was a great and educational experience and NedCAD is happy to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. Weather forecast for next year: See you all in the congress building of Portimao Algarve 😉

Bricsys conference 2019
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