The Linux BricsCAD pages #3

Part 3: More user software

So you have a running system with almost all software installed, out of the box. But there is more: This page… With a huge amount of additions.


All related parts: 1: Introduction 2: Linux base install 3: More user software 4: Tuning Linux 5: Tuning your software 6: Getting BricsCAD working 7: Publishing your drawings

Preparing for software installation

As preparation, a list of packages that are handy and not in the standard installation follows, “apt install” (as root) is the command for this.

Do not simply install everything, just take what you need.

  • You can copy the table and paste (ctrl-v) it in LibreOffice Calc, cell A1.
    • Now you have all data in columns A, B, C and D
  • Next, remove direct formatting of cells:
    • ctrl-a
    • ctrl-m.
  • In Mousepad, you can paste contents of column A
  • Suppose you want to install package5, package13, package20 and package45.
  • Create a text line as followed:
    • apt install package5 package13 package20 package45
  • Copy this line to the clipboard
  • Open a terminal ctrl-alt-t
    • Enter “sudo su” with password when asked. You have root privileges (#).
    • Paste the apt install … text line on the command line. Installation should start.

Choose your tools

If you don’t need it, don’t install it. Make sure you know what you are installing, the order is CLASS and the links are for helping you decide…

clementineaudioaudio player
ardouraudiosound editing
audacity audiosound editing
gimp bitmapsbase bitmap editing
hugin bitmapspano, perspective
rawtherapee bitmapsraw editor
flameshotbitmapsscreen dumps
meld filescompare files
pcmanfm filesfile browser
spacefmfilesfile browser
p7zip filesfile compression
p7zip-full filesfile compression
fslint filesfile doubles
grsync filesfile synchronization
k4dirstat filesmapping file sizes
gprename filesrenaming
exfat-utils filessupport exfat
fonts-croscore fonts compatible fonts tinos (times new roman), arimo (arial) en cousine (courier)
fonts-crosextra-caladea fonts font caladea (cambria)
fonts-crosextra-carlito fonts font carlito (calibri)
blender graphics3d modelling
graphviz graphicsdiagrams
inkscape graphicsSVG editor
bluefish internethtml editing
filezillainternetSFTP program
chromium-browser internetweb browser
remminanetworkVNC program
ssvnc networkVNC viewer ssl/ssh
openvpn networkVPN networking
scribusofficeDTP program
calibre officee-book editor
pdfsam officepdf assembling
pdfshuffler officepdf assembling
okular officePDF viewer
glabelsprintinglabel printing
xsane scanner software for scanners
vokoscreen screencast screen record
key-mon screencast used keys on screen
wmctrl screencast window information and setting
keepassx securitypassword management
fontforgesystem font editor
dkms system kernel compiling
gparted system partitioning
cifs-utils system samba networking
smartmontools system SMART data from disks
synaptic system software management
gnome-system-monitor system task management
bleachbit system the cleaning lady
geany texttext editor
scitetexttext editor
smplayervideovideo player
vlc videovideo player
youtube-dl video cli downloader
winff video ffmpeg gui
gnome-subtitles video subtitles editor
kdenlivevideo video editing
handbrake-cli video video translation cli
handbrake video video translation gui
virtualbox virtualizationvirtualization
virtualbox-guest-additions-iso virtualizationvirtualization extention

Additional remarks

  • Check the output of your terminal carefully for errors.
  • LibreOffice does not contain myspell by default, so it is installed separately. However: hunspell is preferable to myspell, en-us is already installed with LO. See part 5.
  • Fonts that are compatible with Microsoft fonts in terms of geometry:
    • fonts-croscore for
      • Times New Roman (Tinos)
      • Arial (Arimo) and
      • Courier (Cousine)
    • fonts-crosextra-carlito for Calibri and
    • fonts-crosextra-caladea for Cambria.


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The Linux BricsCAD pages #3
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