Let the software do the work for you!

NedCAD supplies and develops software. We supply Off-the-shelf software such as CADchUP, BricsCAD and various office packages. But we can also be of service with tailor-made CAD software. This automates common actions in AutoCAD and BricsCAD. With the result time savings, uniformity in the method and a higher return.
Our software (also used) is ideal for automating and standardizing business processes.

Advice for the right choice

We first inventory your current situation. Together we look at what is the best solution for your organization. Every organization has its own requirements and wishes and is unique. If there is no or only a partial Off-the-shelf solution, we will tailor it.

BricsCAD & AutoCAD

AutoCAD was the standard for years, but there is also an affordable professional alternative: BricsCAD. This runs on many platforms (Windows, Linux and OS-X). Because the interface is almost the same, the AutoCAD user gets over without any problems. BricsCAD offers more for less than all known .dwg CAD functions, with time-saving tools and 3D modeling.


ACME is an “autoloader”. ACME ensures that LISP programs are easy to load in AutoCAD and BricsCAD and take programming work off your hands. All NedCAD applications use ACME. See here for more information.

In brief:

  • Deliver various types of CAD software
  • Develop custom software, from simple to complex
  • CAD Training, CRKBO certified
  • Giving expert advice
  • Take care of implementations
  • Providing support
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