Support FAQ

  • My drawing space is cluttered with elements that sit in the way. How to handle that?
    Short answer: use F12 to toggle the QUAD in BricsCAD.
    First of all, there is a reason to “clutter” it. User interface elements close to your mouse position increase productivity. But from time to time you may want to switch these features off and on. Here we go:

    • BricsCAD, the “QUAD”. It takes some time to get used to it but it turns out to be very handy. There is an icon at the bottom right and F12 toggles it. Search “Settings” for “QUAD” to discover lots of options…
    • BricsCAD, “Rollover Tips”. When you hoover over an element… There is an icon “RT” at the bottom right near “QUAD”.
  • My screen size changes constantly in AutoCAD 2016 and later, help!
    Do a right click on the model / layout tabs and select “Dock above Status Bar.” See this.
  • How do I convert TEXT to MTEXT and vice versa?
    • With ExpressTools you can easily create MTEXT (paragraph) from TEXT (single line) .
    • But how about MTEXT again TEXT? EXPLODE is your friend.
  • I don’t understand the GROUP concept, help.
    • A GROUP is often more convenient than a BLOCK.
    • If PICKSTYLE is 1, you can select the groups itself.If PICKSTYLE is 0, then you can select the group’s components.
    • If you import a BLOCK with Explode checked (or you immediately do EXPLODE after importing), then you can create another GROUP: -GROUP ;; * ;; P ;;
      • Or: After an EXPLODE command, you can select the exploded objects with P (revious).
  • I type commands on the command line in AutoCAD and before I know it I get the wrong commands.
    • A complaint with AutoCAD is that automatic suggesting commands on the command line sometimes go wrong, you get a completely different command. This can be easily resolved by doing INPUTSEARCHDELAY and increasing the value of 300ms (default) to anywhere between 1000 and 5000ms.
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