CADchUP Standard Administration

This is the administration page for CADchUP Standard, abbreviated to CuStd.


CuStd uses the ACME autoloader for running under BricsCAD and AutoCAD. ACME handles task for CuStd so it should always be part of CuStd.

After installation, things need to be tuned, like modifying your organization’s drawing title box and setting several standardized settings.

File locations

There are a few places where information is stored:

  • Under %ProgramFiles%\NedCAD\CuStd  (typical C:\Program Files\NedCAD\CuStd) you’ll find help and code.
  • Under %AppData%\NedCAD\CuStd  (typical C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\NedCAD\CuStd) you’ll find support files and the .cfg configuration files.
  • Since CuStd uses ACME for loading, a .acme configuration file is placed in %AppData%\NedCAD\ACME\Apps.

This is a basic installation.


You can redirect %AppData%\NedCAD\CuStd to a different location. This location contains your CAD configuration like the settings in your .cfg file, your organizations titlebox and the default template. Some reasons to redirect this location:

  • Make CAD configurations writeable for appointed CAD managers.
  • Share CAD configurations for a CAD group on a network share.

A redirection of %AppData%\NedCAD\CuStd to an alternative location is easy to make, just create an environment variable named cadchupconf and assign a path. For example: set cadchupconf=G:\CAD_Users\GIS_Group\CAD_Settings.



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